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Power quality

In the recent past few years, electric supply quality has become an important concern for industries and consulting engineering services. A piece of equipment may be more sensitive to perturbations that may come either from the electric utility network or from the customer’s own settings. It is important to understand first how different types of variations in the quality of direct energy can cause problems to sensitive loads. Morin Enertech Inc. offers a high level electric wave quality measurement service and systems for your installation.

For example, while many people may talk about energy efficiency, only a few of them really know how to deal specifically with these concerns, and how to implement  practices and solutions in the real world. Owing to our comprehensive knowledge in the processes of energy management and to our accrued expertise, we are helping customers worldwide deal with these concerns in every sector of activity. After having determined the appropriate measures, based on detailed cost/efficiency analysis, the next step leads to the exploitation of key identified energy savings potential solutions, as efficiently as possible, by implementing the most relevant and appropriate solutions. Morin Enertech Inc. offers a detailed and precise evaluation clearly describing the existing potentials for improvements. With this evaluation, you will be able to make the right choices in order to effectively optimise your electric network.